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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Out my window

So, Spring is quietly happening here in the valley.  I feel like the world around me is waking up gently, stretching slowly as its eyes blink open after the long rainy season.  We have some early risers - the demure little crocuses that are peeking out again from everywhere that I planted them 2 years ago.
Hello, little friends!
There are Muscari in my western flower bed, eagerly jumping out of bed.  I know they'll be some purple and some snowy white out there in just a few weeks, and mixed into those little green sprouts are the irises which will tower tall but now are just stubby fingers uncurling from sleeping fists.
In my Eastern beds daffodils are about to pop, and the irises are even taller than the others.  That side of the house is blessed with the most sun since it has no big trees to protect it.
Out my front window I can see tulips lavishly laying out their greenery.  As I cleaned out the beds after we moved here, I collected all the tulip bulbs I encountered and tumbled them together into the front, so they make a nice riot of color by the front entrance. Here is the little man with some of last year's showing....
Tulips are a big deal around here, and my beds don't really do them justice, but we don't have to go far at all to see them in all their splendor!
There is a large (too large I've been told, and I did prune it, but I think it is so glorious that I hated to cut it back too far! Maybe I'll be braver this year?) wedding wreath bush (Spirea) by my front window, and while in a few weeks it will be covered in tiny, fragrant blooms, right now it is speckled with tiny green buds of promised glory to come. I love it just like this.  Don't you?

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