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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Before and After #2

This project rates... out of anything I've ever done.... as the one I disliked the MOST while I was doing it!
BUT, this project also rates as the one I enjoy the MOST.... out of anything I've ever done.... EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Would you believe that I turned these:

Into these?!

I'm proud to say that the project only cost me about $20 total!  The pair of chairs was free, and I re-used the padding, the cording.... even the upholstery nails.  This project was done on a dime and completely upcycled.  Yay!!!!

I sure learned a lot!  But it will be a while before I tackle this kind of re-upholstery again. Just bein' honest. ;)

They look better in the day time... maybe I'll have to add some daytime photos....  :)

Here are a few process pictures - I was going to do a full-blown tutorial, but I'm sure there are good ones already out there somewhere AND I'm sure there are easier ways to do most of what I "figured out."  But for what it's worth:


  1. looks great! you are quite the redo-er!

  2. These chairs are absolutely beautiful...more so in person even than the pictures!! Great job, Sarah!

  3. Beautiful! I recovered a wing back chair once, no sooner did I have it finished and one of the legs broke. :-) I'm with you on not making it an every week type project!

  4. oh my!that is a lot of work, but they look great!