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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Little Lady's Corner

Before our little lady was born, I wanted to make her space really feminine and soft, and since she can't have her own room right now due to space issues, her "decor" had to also coordinate with our master bedroom.  This beautiful shabby chic collection from Target was my ideal look:

AND it worked with the two green paint colors (which I can't change) on our walls!  Because I soo love to "do on a dime, anytime," I searched around and got the bumper for $10 + shipping from ebay (it was brand new!) and made a pleated crib skirt by following this wonderful tutorial for her crib (which, incidentally, I got for FREE from craigslist and scrubbed/repainted - the crib in my "dream photo" actually might be the exact crib we have. If it's not the very same crib, it's awfully close! :}).  The crib skirt has a textured off-white upholstery weight (from my stash) for the main fabric and this for the pleats:
I also bought enough to make a crib sheet from this tutorial out of the same fabric as the pleats. 

Here is her sweet little set-up,

My lovely friend Sara gave me this soft Pier 1 canopy when our son was born, and I used it in his room when he was verrrry little. I think it will be a permanent fixture in our little princess's room, though.... 

This little corner only looks sweeter with HER IN IT!

One day, when she has her own room, wouldn't this light fixture be DAH-LING?
I actually went to Ikea (my favoritest store in the whole. wide. world.) earlier this week and drooled on a few of these.... (!)  

Maybe I could also add an arm chair with this slipcover print:
It would be perfect. :)  
(It's no longer carried by Ikea, but I might score one on craigslist or ebay... hey, it could happen!  I actually saw a single arm chair on display at my "local" Ikea this week - maybe it will go on clearance!)  

AND, walls that are "unapologetically pink," (perhaps Benjamin Moore "Romantic Pink" or maybe "Yours Truly"?)

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