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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Passion Week Object Lesson (A Visual Parable)

This year we were inspired by this post (and this one, and this one!) to create our own Resurrection Garden.

Trey and I had such a wonderful time digging up moss and hunting up the perfect rocks, visiting our friend Mary Ann at the store to buy the perfect plants to supplement what we found in our yard...

And we talked as we created - about what Jesus was doing the week before he died, about what His friends were doing, about what His enemies were doing, about Who was really in control, about Jesus' attitudes of thanksgiving and servanthood, about His amazing love and sacrifice and love and pain and His LOVE.

Our church will have a beautiful service on Friday night to remember Jesus' suffering, and afterwards we will come home and symbolically close up the tomb, then on Saturday we will wait and remember, and on Sunday!  Oh, on Sunday when Trey wakes up, the stone will be rolled away, and we will read about what happened that glorious morning and we, in turn, will also have a glorious morning of remembering Jesus' power and love and LIFE.

I'm so excited about this visual lesson - it is opening up so many wonderful conversations with Trey.  We plan to make it our yearly Easter tradition!

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