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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Beautiful Moment

Early this morning at our house the sun shone brightly and surprisingly.  It turned our dew-drenched backyard into a sparkling wonderland, and I was holding my little one trying to show her the spectacle.
"Look! Look at that, little lady!" I encouraged, but despite my best efforts, she was intently focused on something else. We were standing inside the glass at our back door, and instead of taking in the glorious view, she was staring down at the small deck outside the door.  This little landing is... less than beautiful.  Water stands on it sometimes in the rainy season, and some rather interesting but ultimately unsightly tiny orange moss speckles in a few divots.  But my girl couldn't take her eyes off it. I tilted her.  I distracted her.  I tried to block her downward view, but she was entranced.
So.... I enjoyed the gloriously beautiful moment myself and was thankful that I could be cheek to cheek with my darling even if she was looking at something that paled in comparison to the radiance of the sunshine.
The situation made me think about how often I focus on my own interests and my own busy-ness and my own, beloved plans instead of gazing at TRUTH about my CREATOR and working on GLORIFYING Him.
Thank you, Lord for giving me such a beautiful moment to realize such a beautiful truth!

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