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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beauty Observed

I've often enjoyed and admired "Joy's Hope" blog.  Julie's tagline is right up my alley: "do something good. everyday."  Her blog is bright and beautiful, and on it she writes in a friendly, captivating way about her life. She loves brightly colored fabric and fun and her little ones and her husband and most of all the Lord. And seeing how her blog and all of this creating and beauty stemmed from a time when she reached the end of herself and went through some remarkably difficult trials adds an incredibly beautiful depth of meaning to it all. To say that I'm inspired by her story of relying on God during those days and of how He guided her to a healing place would be a huge understatement.  Her story reminds me how thankful I am to I serve such a gentle, loving Heavenly Father!  Today is a very special day for Julie and her family, so stop on over and read her story. Be inspired. Bask in the beauty that is the healing power and JOY of Jesus!

"Yet I am confident I will see the Lord's 
goodness while I am in the land of the living."
Psalm 27:13

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