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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunday is Special

This week I had the privilege of looking carefully at Gideon's life.  Gideon's story is a beautiful account of God using an individual who felt weak, insufficient, incapable of the task given him. Gideon didn't trust God, but the Lord was still patient with Him and comforted Him. He looked for every excuse to not obey the commands God was giving him, and God's answer was simply: "Surely I will be with you."

What an amazing answer to Gideon's failings and shortcomings: don't worry about all that, Gideon - GOD is going to be WITH you in all that He asks you to do. And through Gideon's weakness, God was mightily glorified! 

Oh Lord, you know how weak I am.  Might you might be glorified in me, too?!

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