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Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Year

As 2011 rolled around we were blessed in our normally dreary-skied climate with some golden winter days. The sun shined all day long, and we took full advantage of it, with curtains flung wide open and lots of "scootering" and glorious walks. One evening I watched a vivid pink and orange sunset cheek-to-cheek with my little daughter and was seized with the idea of spending the coming year hunting for one such stunningly beautiful moment every day.
Now that we're ending the first month of 2011, I've decided to move my paper journal online so that I can share the adventure with anyone who cares to follow it. Some days this month, I've seen extraordinary beauty in God's creation. Some days I've seen it in my children. Every day I've found the "beauty of holiness" (Psalm 96:9) in God's Word.
Another facet of looking for daily beauty has been a rather unexpected discovery. I've never considered myself very "crafty." I do enjoy the finished result of most projects I attempt, but rarely do I enjoy the crafting process, but recently I've tried my hand at making a few beautiful accessories for dear friends, family and myself to enjoy, and surprisingly I have thoroughly enjoyed the creative process AND the finished treasures. Some days, I've even found the most beautiful moment of my day in these little creations. For an experiment, I've put a few of these items on Etsy, and we will just see what happens.
I plan to blog my daily "moments" and hope that you will enjoy and maybe even start looking for the beauty of life yourself. Feel free to share them here in the comments, or if you're cataloging them online please let me know a link and I'll include it.
Enjoy this moment from our glorious sunshiney New Year's. I'll see you tomorrow!

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