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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Books We've Loved This Thanksgiving

With a preschooler and toddler at home, we've really enjoyed these special books this Thanksgiving season.

(On the first few pages of this book, I changed Pilgrims to "Separatists" when I read aloud just to help it be a tad more correct and to work towards future expansion on this era in history.)

(This one was a special favorite! The little guy had so much fun comparing the differenced between the first Thanksgiving and how we celebrate today, and I LOVED the creative artwork!)

This turned out to be much more than a fun tale of Thanksgiving! It was great for rehearsing the elements of how we celebrate Thanksgiving Day but also sparked interesting discussions about deceit and honesty. It ends with the family being thankful for each other - delightful!

This was perfect for our little lady.... but the little man loved its simplicity and sweet artwork too!

Have you read these books? Do you have more to recommend? Please tell me! :) These books will remain in our November repertoire for years to come, I'm sure, but there's always room for a new treasure, and next year is coming faster than I'd like to imagine...

Another November favorite of ours is

...which is very special because the author grew up and set the story only about 60 miles from where we live!

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