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Friday, November 11, 2011

Happiness = Books

Image Source: flickr.com via Amanda on Pinterest

Ok, we are more than a little book-crazy in our house.... weekly library trips (we get to walk because we're blessed to be so close!), daily story time (no, I'm not super-mom: they beg for it when I'm lazy about it!), my man soaks up audio books on his lengthy commute, orders, reads and shares kabillions of books from CBD and especially on these cozy dark nights (I'm so blessed that they are cozy for me - don't want to forget that!!!) I loooove to curl up with a good biography or a little classic fantasy...

The 4th installment of the Happy Day Project has to do with books, and what could be better?!  Day 4 is called "Book for a Friend" and they propose that you bless a friend by giving them a book.  How delightful!
My time is short today, but I want to show you my latest greatest reads.  A very dear friend (who knew I checked this treasure out of the library but ran out of time to finish it before it was due!) loaned me her newly purchased copy of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Prophet, Martyr, Spy and I am currently devouring it.  What an amazing man of character, what a hero, what an inspiration was Bonhoeffer!  If you have a friend who loves history and/or biography, this would be the perfect way to bless them today.

Don't forget the lovely Happy Day Project ladies have coordinated truly gorgeous printables to go with your book-gifts!

  My dear sister-in-law gave me a link with coupon for this book (via Christianaudio.com) this week, and I've just started listening to it. Elyse Fitzpatrick has long been one of my favorite authors and her other books have been life-changing for me and great tools to use while helping others.  I'm so excited to see how this book will affect my child-rearing and am SURE it will be useful when encouraging others!
 I wish I had carved out more time to tell you about what else I'm reading/listening to (The Wise Woman, Loving the Little Years, The Littlest Pilgrim, but maybe you can tell me what YOU'RE reading? What would (will?!?) you gift a friend with today?

 Enjoy your happy day!!


  1. Ten Minutes from Normal, One thousand Gifts, and It Takes A Village (which I've been reading in spurts for eons!)

  2. Thanks, Monica! How are you liking 1,000 Gifts? I read it twice and was blessed by much of it, then Rich sent me this and I'm trying to digest it all.... Would love any discussion if you feel like it (here or in email :)

  3. 10 Mins from Normal looks awesome - am putting in on my to-find-list! :)