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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Current Blooms

I wish I'd done this earlier (in the spring), but here's what's blooming at my house right now! These beauties are so.... beautiful. What a marvelous Creator we serve!
These showy pink roses are in the corner

This mini cluster climbing rose is in a bed by our "barn"

This was one of the first blooms in a new bed of perennial wildflowers - does anyone know what it is? :)

Here's another in a different shade. This bed is going to be glorious!

Yellow Gallery Dahlias (12-14" plants)

Purple Gallery Dahlias

Sweet peas that are growing to disguise decorate part of our shed/barn and those great roses.

 As a vegetable-grower, flowers are a brand new arena to me, and thanks to three dear friends who've taken me under their wings, I'm learning a lot!  Besides the fact that I never paid much attention to what flowers like to grow where, etc., Western WA is a drastically different growing "zone" and environment than I've ever worked in (our highest high this week is supposed to be 72 degrees F!).  It's quite the learning curve for me... and I'm quite "proud" of my baby beauties!
So what's growing in your garden?  I'd love to see!

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