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Monday, July 18, 2011

Lamp Decision

Right now, I have natural linen curtains against ecru walls and natural linen drum lampshades...... There is color in the furniture, but all that beige is getting to be wayyyy too bland!  So I'm looking at dressing up my lamps.... but I can't decide which direction to go.
Would you please tell me what your vote is from the following??? I really appreciate any advice!

Choice #1:

Ruffles like this anthropologie shade:
This lady did one in burlap, but I was thinking of light blues....
The tutorial looks fairly easy, AND it should be fairly low-cost (especially compared to the cost of an actual anthro anything!).

Choice #2:  Cool geometric design like this shade with either the lines in green (with the blocks the existing natural color) or the lines natural and the blocks light blue:
Photo from the impatientgardener.com

This blogger gives a good tutorial too, but I as much as I like this I am a little afraid this project MIGHT push me over the edge........  But it's SO cool that it might be worth it!

Choice #3: Embroidered or painted design (in green, as shown) on this (yes, another discontinued anthropologie) shade:

Also under consideration is a rosette shade in very light blue, similar to the one on this blog.... but I'd like to see what you think of the first three first.  My lamps are black and I think they'll stay that way for now... I'm going to bravely post a picture of my bland livingroom later this week so you will see them.
Thanks for any advice!!


  1. Hmmm...my personal favorites are #3 & 2, but I think you've got the girly sass to pull off having lampshade #1. The more I think about your personality, I'd say the first or the last one. I think Sara M dressed up her plain shades with a Sharpie marker (using a transparency). That would allow you to use the shades you have but use any design you want. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  2. I so love the first one!! That's definitely my vote, but they are all pretty!

  3. My favorite is the geometric design! I'm not into frilly stuff that much!

  4. Michelle wrote: "I like the ruffled ribbons on the first one if you're considering which would be most fun to work on. The design looks forgiving if there's an "oops." Although the third one is very nice too."

  5. Sarah PerLee Lazar wrote: "I concur with Michelle. :)"

  6. Amanda says "Love the geometric design with pop of color."

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