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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fish, Anyone? (3 of 10)

 Photo from kraftrecipes.com

This recipe from Kraft Foods is one of my tried and true "company favorites" - you know, the kind of recipe that is perfect for company because
1. It's easy-cheesy to prepare
2. Everyone seems to like it, as long as they aren't anti-fish
3. It's easy-cheesy to clean up, and last but certainly not least,
4. If you have a grill, you can prepare this in the summer without heating up your kitchen!

AND, it's fish! AH-mazing.The name even sounds delicious: Garlic & Lemon Tilapia. Mmmmmmmm....

This is great on the grill as directed, but in the (very rainy, here) spring I've done it in packets in the oven with great results.
I've had great luck using a prepared carrot-broccoli slaw and pre-sliced mushrooms for this, but sometimes I julienne my own carrots and use whatever veggies are here and suitable. Also, my favorite marinade for it is Lawry's garlic & herb.... but please experiment and let me know if you find another wonderful combo. I'd like to try it! :)
Happy fish-cooking!

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